What is a podcast?

The New BlackBerry Podcasts App.

The New BlackBerry Podcasts App.

If you don’t know what a podcast is, I’m about to change your life.

Back in 2006 I got my first mp3 player.  Back then I was really interested in Catholicism, so I went around looking for audio books or other mp3 files on that topic I could download into my player to listen.  I ended up finding tons of material, but I had to manually save the files to my computer, connect my mp3 player to it, and click-and-drag each individual file to my player.  Later on, after I’d listen to them, I’d have to manually erase the files to make room for new ones.

It worked, but it was tedious and time consuming.

That’s when I discovered podcasts.

Podcasts is a free way to listen or watch thousands of shows of your own choice.  Most podcasts are put out by independent, small producers, so topics can get very  specific.  For example, if you like wooden boats, there’s a podcast for that.  If you like learning about leadership, there’s a podcast for that. There are podcasts produced for any topic under the sun.

You can listen to them right on your computer, or you can use your smartphone/tablet.  It’s amazing.

Besides content, what podcasting technology brings to the table is:

  1. The ability to subscribe to a show
  2. Have it automatically downloaded to your device when new episodes are available, and
  3. Automatically have them deleted after listening.

I can tell you that podcasts can change your life because they have changed mine.  Since I discovered podcasts a few years ago, I have subscribed to wonderful shows which I listen during my commute and when I work out.  These shows have helped me become more educated, healthier, and better grounded in my values.

I believe podcasts can do the same to you.

With the advent of the smartphone, now it is even easier to subscribe to podcasts. You can start by subscribing to the Construction Industry Podcast.

I suggest you give it a try with your phone. Here’s how you can subscribe to podcasts using your iPhone:

And here’s how you can do it with an Android phone:

If you don’t have an iPhone or an Android phone, let me know which brand of phone you have in the box below and I’ll tell you the best way to subscribe to shows using your device.

Take care!


  • http://www.ohsopinteresting.com/ Cynthia OhSoPinteresting

    Cesar, great information about the value of podcasts. Podcasts have changed my life too, I can’t believe they’re not more popular. 
    I pinned this to my social media Pinterest board, hopefully the word will spread.

    • http://pmforthemasses.com/ cesarabeid

      @Cynthia OhSoPinteresting Thank you so much Cynthia.  I wrote this as a way to answer the question I get asked so often “what is it?”  I hope things are going well with your podcast!

  • http://www.ringcentral.com/phone-system/cloud-based-phone-system.html cloud phone

    Podcast is a great way to listen especially if you are traveling.

    • http://pmforthemasses.com/ cesarabeid

      @cloud phone I agree! I just drove for 9 hours today and listened to a ton of podcasts.  I learned a lot of new things!